Why are we doing this?

The web has transformed the way people interact, live, work and play in the last couple of decades. However, most businesses are struggling to adapt and catch up with these rapid changes. Since 2007, Emotive Clicks have helped many customers build their online presence and over the years we have gathered some insights to share.

Take a moment to think, have you responded to spam email with irrelevant offers or pop-up advertisements while reading an article? Chances are, the answer is no! So why should you deploy the same strategy to acquire customers?

Traditional outbound marketing is all about the numbers game and overwhelming your customers with promotions and information that is not relevant to them. Enter the sphere of inbound marketing, where is about pulling people in by sharing relevant information, creating useful content, and generally being helpful.

This sounds like a simple concept to understand. But why is it not widely practiced? The answer is simple too – it was too hard to get started. While there are myriad of options available to manage content, optimize websites, spearhead social media campaigns and automate marketing tools, most businesses are not equipped to put the pieces together.

What we would like to achieve for you?

Emotive Clicks was created with a few objectives in mind: engaging your customers in a meaningful way, conveying your desire to build a relationship with them and communicating your brand story and identity without clutter.

Having a website today is considered a given requirement of running a business in the current digital age. However, just having a presence online does not mean that it will improve your bottom-line. Many business owners have these questions ringing in their minds all the time:

  1. How do I increase traffic to my website?
  2. How do I increase conversion or purchase rate?
  3. How do I measure the effectiveness of my website?

Our desire is to bring you on a journey to discover answers to these questions and our promise is to let your business be known, seen and heard on the world-wide-web.

How do we fulfilling our promise?

Review and Redesign

The process begins by reviewing and measuring the effectiveness of your existing efforts in the online space. We will then take the next step of identifying the needs and profile of your existing customer base. Having the target audience in mind, we will proceed to redesign your overall layout to make the entire navigation experience a pleasant one.

Reach out to the Market

To further increase the effectiveness of your website, we will work with you to create content which has relevance and value to potential visitors. With a ready platform created for customers to land, we will kick-start a series of online marketing campaigns to draw in the crowds for you.

Measure and Analyse

Lastly, we will take a look at the progress by reviewing the figures and effectiveness over time. We will consolidate the results and make them meaningful to you. The key deliverables for each step can be found below in the diagram. (link: refer to our modules for our service offerings)


Our approach to address your concerns

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