Overview of Services


Content Marketing

  • Blog/articles
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Interactive games
  • Mobile Apps

Website Development & Design

  • Logo/Layout Design
  • Copywriting for SEO
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Customer Segmentation

Measure & Analyse

  • Goggle analytics
  • Measure and monitor information
  • Analyse and present results

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Planning and managing Facebook campaigns
  • Digital Strategy Training

Why Facebook Marketing?

Interacting with customers: This is one of the easiest and best way to receive feedback from your customers. Though a Facebook page, you will get to interact directly with them by monitoring what is being posted and you are able to respond to them as well.

Developing a community: Facebook allows you to develop your very own community. What is being required from the business owner is post links and content that is both relevant and useful. By having promotional campaigns, incentives and, you will soon be able to develop a loyal community.

Optimising the Search Engine: This is the start to building a significant presence on the web. With all the links and posts connected to the search engines, having a page with updated relevant content will help in your rankings.

Creating viral promotion: If someone ends up liking your page then it appears in their news feed. This allows your business to be constantly on their radar and whenever there are posts or updates, they will be in the know. Moreover, when comments are made, their friends will also see your post and this will help in viral promotion of your business.

Facebook Ads: Facebook offers an opportunity to create advertising campaigns based on your budget requirements. You are able to choose the target audience for these ads to be visible to based on their demographics, educational level, interests etc. You can also decide how frequent these ads will appear.


Facebook Marketing Packages

Trial* Basic Professional
Pricing $500 $5000 $18000
Duration 1 month 3 months 12 months
Cover Photos 1x photo 3x photos 12x photos
Postings 10 postings 60 postings 480 postings
Ad buying $100 $600 $2400
Performance Report Included Included Included
Timeline Contest Administration 1x contest concept + administration 6x contest concept + administration 24x contest concept + administration

How does digital strategy training help my business?

Saves cost: Starting and running a small business can be a daunting task. Investing a significant amount of budget in online marketing may still be a big step to take. Signing up for our training courses will be able to help you gain knowledge of how to use Facebook as a marketing tool. If paying someone else is too expensive, then learning and applying it on your own may be a good option.

Capacity Building: As a business owner, you may already have plenty of tasks on hand. One option is to get your Marketing Manager up to speed in the latest digital and online marketing trends. His or her training will start to pay off once the clicks start to become conversions.

Digital Strategy Training Packages

Trial* Basic Professional
Cost $300 for non-profit/start-ups$500 above for SMEs and MNCs $800 $1600
Length of Commitment Once off 1-2 months 3-6 months
Duration 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Sessions 1 4 12
Objectives Customised intensive training on Digital Marketing Get started with learning and applying basic social media tools Coaching for results and fine-tuning the strategy


What are the options I have in building or revamping my website?

Lite Package: This package strongly appeals to business owners who would like to create a basic landing site to show and tell about your corporate profile and service offerings. For those who do not require elaborate animation or complex design work to be done on your website, this will be a good investment.

Full Package: This package is particularly good for business owners who would like to use the online space to drive awareness and sales. With SEO copy-writing services included in the mix, your website will be duly optimised to pull in the crowds. We will also assist in monitoring your results to give you a better gauge of the returns on your investment over time.

Website Packages

Features Lite Full
Pricing $5000 $10000
Pages Up to 10 Up to 15
Word-press setup
Design (include logo and layout)
Mobile-friendly interface
Goggle Analytics setup
Customer Segmentation(needs and profile)
Copy-writing for SEO

Why do I need help in content development?

Sustaining growth: If you have a nicely designed and optimised website, it is only the first steps of building an online community. In order to sustain interest and increase traffic flow on your website/fan-page, you will need to continue building content that is relevant and useful to your target audience.

Outreach: Creating engaging and sharable content will help you to reach new customers by tapping into the social media network of your existing customers. When these information is being shared within or outside their network, there will naturally be an increase in traffic and impressions.

Creating Customer Loyalty: This is a method to let your existing customers be aware of upcoming promotions, new launches and product reviews. When your company receives endorsements or compliments from existing customers, it will serve as a strong testimonial for potential customers to trust in your product/services.

Content Development Packages

Features Lite Full
Pricing $500/month $1000/month
Blog post/articles (up to 2000/4000 words) 2 4
Email Marketing or Newsletter Content (monthly)
Email Marketing Template

We are also able to assist in the development of videos, interactive games and mobile applications. Prices are subjected to level of customisation and amount of work required. Contact us (link) for a meeting or quotation.

Why do I need to measure and analyse results?

Monitor results: Having an overview of the trends and doing an analysis will assist you in helping you to achieve goals of increasing conversion and sales. It reveals customer behaviour and enables your business to adapt according to their tastes and preferences quickly.

Track returns on investment: Understand how much your online marketing budget is yielding. Knowing how much sales and how number of followers/likes will give you an impression of whether you are reaping returns from your investment.

Adjust implementation strategy: It also helps in adjusting your strategy and tactics whenever it is required. Adjust your purchasing cycle, stock up inventory, launch marketing campaigns more effectively when you have these information at your fingertips.

Measure and Analyse Packages

Features Lite Full
Pricing $100/month $300/month
Traffic flow
Bounce rates
Conversion rates
Trend Analysis
Recommendations (quarterly)
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